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What the... the red star are not there !

16 Jan 2017 15:10

I found a strange bug in my game, as I visited this strange planet that has two stars of type F (white stars), but on this gazeous planet it reveals that it is orbiting a star both. There is a red reflection on the gaseous planet. Where as the system has no red star of type M.
first it's glowing with red surface
the second is no star in front of it.
two white stars without red stars O_o
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What the... the red star are not there !

16 Jan 2017 15:22

Unfortunately I don't have that system in my program, probably because you have some mod for adding galaxies or something similar, so I can't verify.
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What the... the red star are not there !

16 Jan 2017 15:27

It's the moon.  The first one to be exact.  It's hot enough to light up the gas giant with a dull red glow.
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