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Music Suggestions

26 Nov 2016 11:16

Here you can post titles or links of songs and musical tracks you enjoy listening to while playing Space Engine, or really emphasize the atmosphere and feel of Space Engine. Who knows; Maybe some will be added to the game!

I have a few songs in mind already, but this is a recent one I found today. I think it's really nice with it's ambiance.
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Music Suggestions

28 Nov 2016 10:09

M83, Stellardrone, John Murphy and the RE5 (movie) intro. 
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Music Suggestions

28 Feb 2017 11:16

Two Steps From Hell - Victory, although it is a little too fast-paced, it is really nice :)
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Music Suggestions

26 Mar 2017 19:34

I posted this in the other music thread but here is:

Oblivion complete soundtrack
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Music Suggestions

26 Mar 2017 19:54

it would be so out of place but it's really nice to listen to while exploring

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