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General questions about SpaceEngine

12 Jan 2020 08:35

(update of former ugly post #556 - jpeg was added via drag and drop - deletion of #556 already requested via "Report post")

For the explanation of astronomical facts I like to add 3D objects (much simpler than detailed spacecrafts) into the Earth's orbit and control it via scripts.
I already managed adding a 3D cone in space that is bound to the earth and follows earth rotation. I did that in the same way how the Apollo LandingModules (LM Eagle etc) are placed on the moon (defining Spacecraft in planet catalog and connecting it with the 3D model).

The next thing I want to do is to control the object position/rotation parameters by a script. Changing such parameters can be done by selecting the 3D object and to open the Editor (Shift+F2) but that's not what I want (takes too much time and would disturb the explanation session).

Are there script commands available which allow changing object parameters (like position, rotation, color, visibility, etc)?
The only comand I found in the SE manual is to control the object visibility (ShowObject/HideObject), but nothing else for other object properties/parameters.

One additional thing (can maybe only answered by SpaceEngineer): is there some documentation avaiable/planned about the keywords used for the definition of catalog objects? I used the content of ApolloLandingSites.sc in Catalogs.pak as blueprint but I would be interested very much in an explanation of the keywords used in such  *.sc files.

Does anyone know some details?

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