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Procedural moon orbits around planets

02 Jan 2019 22:55

In Space Engine, the procedural generation of moon orbits appear unrealistic and would be unstable in reality. Procedural planets with many dwarf moons (about over 70) may sometimes group them into an inner moon system and an irregular moon system, just as usual. Viewing the orbits of the irregular moons, some have orbital inclinations of 60° to 130° to the planet's equator. I've checked the orbital inclinations of irregular moons in the solar system (Wikipedia list of gas giant moons) and it appears that none have orbital inclinations between 60° to 130°.

Regarding procedural large inner moon systems, I'm not sure if that's also realistic but it would be a nice touch if they form a ring of debris.

I'm not sure if the irregular moon orbits were already fixed in 0.990, but I've decided to ask since I can't find any mention of this here.
Polar view of Jupiter with orbits of irregular moons.
What a mess! You could somewhat see the torus shaped region of orbits but there are too much dwarf moons with polar orbits.
Uranus has a compact inner moon system, as normal.
Most of the inner moons are very small, but I'm pretty sure they would have formed a ring.
Polar view of a procedural planet with 203 moons.
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Procedural moon orbits around planets

03 Feb 2019 18:15

Keep in mind that astronomers are still discovering new Solar System moons, and there might be some undiscovered tiny asteroids that don't follow your 60-130 rule, so I'd be wary of saying the system is unrealistic or unstable unless you have solid scientific evidence to back it up. Still, I do agree that procedural orbits should be flattened a bit.

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