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General suggestions for SpaceEngine

Posted: 12 Aug 2017 15:17
by Mosfet
With apps like Trinus VR (or others, depends on hardware compatibility) installed on PC and Android phone I'm testing SteamVR capability of  latest SE beta. The downside of this setting is the lack of proper controllers, you have to find a balance between mouse/keyboard and phone sensors. You need a phone with accelerator and gyroscope sensors.

General suggestions for SpaceEngine

Posted: 15 Aug 2017 15:04
 Now that the new planet classification system is ongoing development, I wonder if my original idea for procedural info text for a object in the universe could be implemented. I worked on different text models with a lot different variables for asteroids, planets, stars and galaxies, so I just tought that since this is being worked on, it would be a good time to bring the subject up.

 Another thing would be changes to the map. I would appreciate different map views (one that is full screen for example, just like E:D), different icons for different objects, so a black hole could be a little icon of a black hole with accretion disk, a red dwarf would be a red star with 4 little rays coming out of it, a supergiant could be a red one with 6 rays instead of four, asteroids could be represented as something other than grey markings, changing the map color, showing stats like: "Distance to center", or "Distance from Earth", "Distance from ship/homeworld", etc. Also, just like in E:D, a tab for options and searching objects while in-map.

 For spaceships, I think that when ou are selecting a star to warp to in the map, time required in-warp travel should be displayed, like this:
Spaceship travel time


 So, this guy also figured out plate tectonics (again): ... eneration/

General suggestions for SpaceEngine

Posted: 16 Aug 2017 06:38
by Sunconure11
Is better ocean topography planned? Oceans are rather flat. As a result, it causes some weirdness. I actually figured out a way to port space engine worlds into minecraft for instance, but the oceans end up too flat.

General suggestions for SpaceEngine

Posted: 16 Aug 2017 19:01
by spaceguy
Realistic starlight maybe?
(i,e realistic, dynamic bloom effect for stars.)

General suggestions for SpaceEngine

Posted: 18 Aug 2017 05:23
by CCWashout
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but is there or can there be a kind of "random tour" function in Space Engine that does the following:

Starts at a point anywhere in the universe
Randomly selects a nearby star system within say 20 LY
Flies to that star system
Selects a planet or moon if present
Does an orbit or flyby with maybe the focus on the next body in the hierarchy, so you get planet and sun/star rises for suitable cinematic effect
If the body is landable then have a % chance of doing a low level atmospheric flyby on a second orbit
Selects another planet in that system and loop that last two steps for say a maximum of 5 bodies
Loops to step 2 above to go to another star system

If not I may see if I can achieve this from the scripting functions myself, as what I'd ideally like, is to use Space Engine as a kind of mesmerizing beautiful screensaver, plus I feel sometimes the most stunning scenes can be just stumbled upon by accident.

If anyone knows how I can achieve this int he scripting language I'd be very grateful, as I'm not the world's fastest coder...

General suggestions for SpaceEngine

Posted: 18 Aug 2017 06:20
by FastFourierTransform
CCWashout wrote:
Source of the post If anyone knows how I can achieve this int he scripting language I'd be very grateful, as I'm not the world's fastest coder...

This is a great idea.
It has been proposed several times (for example here) since the last release.
Even a dedicated thread was created half a year ago (here you have it)

So by now it's something that only Vladimir Romanyuk (the creator of SE) can introduce. But in the next release of SpaceEngine ( we are going to have at least this feature. With those scenario scripts you are going to be able to generate planned tours. Maybe with some kind of programming (with python or something) you are going to be able to create the random tour you are talking about. But for now this is not possible.

General suggestions for SpaceEngine

Posted: 18 Aug 2017 07:24
by CCWashout
Thanks FastFourierTransform

I have this habit of skim reading stuff, so missed the bit where the scenario scripts weren't released yet. I will have to be patient for the release of 0.891 then...let's hope there is some kind of Randomize function.

Thanks again for the links.

General suggestions for SpaceEngine

Posted: 18 Aug 2017 10:28
 Space Engine's terrain should contain a analytical derivative function to make terrain look better and smoother. ... derivative
 Domain warping it's probabl alread used in the game on gas giant clouds, but iquilezles made a function where it is animated.
 And, I know what Sean Murray did, but his talk about procedural generation on planets it's excellent, and he even mentions SE at some point. The results are realistic. ... rlds-Using

 Also, his site for more, there is a lot of stuff there.

 Expanding on the idea of icon maps, this one doesn't fit correctly with the map, but still a nice idea.

A red dwarf with 2 selenas and 1 enceladus like, and on the right, how our system would look like.