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Procedural extrasolar asteroid moons

16 Jun 2017 03:06

My suggestions to improve the procedural generation extra solar systems.

Does SpaceEngine add procedurally generated extra solar asteroid moons/rings? If not could it be made possible for the code to generate procedural asteroid barycenters, moons and in very rare cases rings to extra solar systems? Maybe the asteroids could have a barycenter(s) with 2-3 objects or one main object and 0-3 moons?  Maybe very big 500 km sized asteroids could have even 4 or 5 moons in rare cases.

Could it also be made so that dwarf planet sized objects would usually exist in asteroid belts and that they could have orbits similar to in our Solar System's dwarf planets, so that they would be intersecting one another's orbits and have similar semi-major axis to each other.

Also it would be nice if the belts would include few (0-11?) very large asteroids similar to Vesta, Pallas and Hygiea (+400 km size), and a larger amount of about 300-100 km sized ones. Of course it would be also nice if the systems would include both, asteroid belt like belt(s) in the inner and middle system and Kuiper belt like belt on the outer regions. Could the dwarf planets and asteroids in the belts also have inclined orbits?

I have also seen rings added to quite many Terra type moons. Maybe this number of rings around them could be made smaller if possible.

Would you think this would be a good idea? Would this even be possible to add to SE? I would like to see what you think?

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