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Mosfet Space-y Mods

Posted: 21 Aug 2018 14:07
by Mr. Abner
I had your Arca II up and flying long enough to take one screen shot, but sadly, now every time I try to load it, or start SE with it active, SE crashes. I think it's just too much ship for my system. :(


I do have one of your original Arca Colonizers up and running, though. I love the cockpit you added to it. Reminds me of an airship gondola. :)


I shall have to try your O'Neill Station...

Mosfet Space-y Mods

Posted: 26 Aug 2018 18:31
by alexguy
The Arca 2 ship crashes the game.

Mosfet Space-y Mods

Posted: 28 Aug 2018 12:06
by Mosfet
It seems there was a missing texture in the arca 2 pak. I don't know if it could cause crashes, It didn't for me, only the usual 7 to 12 frames per second. Anyway I updated the pak file, if you want to try. Remember you need also epayload modules pak.
Since you experienced crashes, a deletion of the cache folder could be a good thing to do.

Mosfet Space-y Mods

Posted: 07 Sep 2018 06:02
by StephenBeets7923
[quote="Mosfet"]Here are my mods.

[color=yellow][b]Surface Habitats:
Built by using SpaceEngine default modules and tweaked textures, sizes and rotations in order to re-purpose the meshes.

[color=#2980b9]Habitat 1:[/color]


[color=#2980b9]The Cupolas:[/color]

View from the inside

1. Place the .pak file in your SpaceEngine Addons directory.
2. Find a planet you want to use with the habitat, better if it's a flat surface. Move until you are 1 km or less from the surface (Tracking the planet with T helps).
3. Build the habitat and let it descend until it stops. Then hit Shift-F2 for Ship edit mode in order to fine tune the position and rotation of x, y, z axes. Better it you stop the time (spacebar).
4. make some beautiful screenshots.


[color=#2980b9]The Arca I[/color]: Live crop transportation ship. It comes with nearly 247 acres of terrain protected under 3 domes, ready for outer system colonies
This it comes with a spacious cockpit

[color=#2980b9]Arca II Colonizer[/color]
Arca 2
[color=#f39c12]Arca II Colonizer[/color] needs also [url=]ePayload modules[/url]

[url=]Download MannedSpaceCorp pak[/url]: Works with [b]SE 0980+[/b]. To be placed in [color=#27ae60]Addons[/color] folder.

[color=#f39c12][b]Small Emission Tweak for Docking Modules:[/b][/color] [url=][link][/url]

[color=#f39c12][b]A General Purpose Cockpit for CloseSpace Corp Skylone & Shuttle:[/b][/color] [url=][link][/url]

[color=#f39c12][b]Space Flight School skylone Jarschel Edition, with cockpit[/b][/color] [url=][link][/url]

[color=#f39c12][b]MannedSpace Corp O'Neill Station:[/b][/color] [url=][link][/url]

[color=#f39c12][b]Jupiter surface map, 14K map by Björn Jónsson:[/b][/color] [url=][link][/url]


[color=#f39c12][b]pfjarschel's Space Flight School (EPUB format):[/b][/color]

The wonderful [url=]Space Flight School of Captain pfjarschel[/url] (also in the manual section of [url=]website[/url]) is now available in an updated ebook version (epub)!
No more juggling around big displays when piloting, you can use it as reference from your smartphone/ebook reader (additional apps may be needed)
[center][url=][b]Download here the latest version![/b]thumbnailCover.jpg[/url][/center]


[color=#f39c12][b]Space Engine Screensaver for Windows:[/b][/color]

A simple screensaver in .scr format with a selection of Full HD images from the Universe section of the website. Now with smoother transitions, 10s between images.
[url=]Download SpaceEngine.scr[/url] (9.3 MB) for Windows XP/7/8/10
Installation instructions : [url=][link][/url]


Hey Mosfet, I gots me a problem here. I tried to download your screensaver and my antivirus went berserk-o on me. I think it's infected. Is there another way I can get a clean copy of it from you? Downloading it off of Yandex infected my PC with TWO pieces of malware, a "W32.Trojan.Gen" and a "W32.LocalInfect.2" according to Webroot SecureAnywhere. Spent the better part of 45 minutes and THREE whole deep scans removing it! Not having a very good morning! >:-( If you can help me, I'd greatly appreciate it and thank you in advance.

Mosfet Space-y Mods

Posted: 07 Sep 2018 10:33
by Mosfet
Wow, I'm sorry to hear this. I'll lock my shares for the moment and investigate as soon as I can, but I'm afraid you'll have to wait a bit for that screensaver.
I could change some images too... I'll return to you with more info about it.

Mosfet Space-y Mods

Posted: 02 Nov 2018 14:47
by DaniGalaxy
sono ita

Mosfet Space-y Mods

Posted: 20 Nov 2018 14:56
by Mosfet
It's been a while that I made and tested this conversion, so I think it's time to share with you PDF and EPUB versions of Space Engine User Manual from the website.
It's up-to-date, of course.
See the Space Engine Library in the first post of this thread.

Mosfet Space-y Mods

Posted: 20 Nov 2018 19:51
by JackDole
I see you have cut the appendix tremendously. Why, were there any problems with the copyright? I found these appendices very useful.

Mosfet Space-y Mods

Posted: 21 Nov 2018 02:37
by Mosfet
Yeah, me too. It wasn't an easy decision, but after I asked around there wasn't consensus on how properly address copyright of some of the images, and sources. So, for the time being, I decided to move those pages in another booklet, compiled directly with Wikipedia book creator. There's a problem with the book creator code since quite some time, though, and an epub tool apparently it's not available yet. I'm looking into this for a quick solution and easy to manage.
In the meantime those pages are still available as clickable links into the book.

Mosfet Space-y Mods

Posted: 06 Jun 2019 09:20
by Mosfet
I made a new screensaver with images from SpaceEngine 0.990. You can grab it from here or in the first post of this thread. Link for instructions in OP.

Mosfet Space-y Mods

Posted: 06 Jun 2019 19:13
by SquillionthPlanet
Those habitats are lookin [i][b]mighty thicc [/b][/i]and I think I might just download it later. Noice job.

Mosfet Space-y Mods

Posted: 07 Jun 2019 01:05
by SuperMarioFan126

Mosfet Space-y Mods

Posted: 21 Jun 2019 14:29
by Mosfet
Updated PDF and EPUB versions of the online SpaceEngine manual in OP.

Mosfet Space-y Mods

Posted: 22 Jun 2019 07:01
by ettore_bilbo
Mosfet wrote:
Source of the post Updated PDF and EPUB versions of the online SpaceEngine manual in OP

scusami, scrivo in italiano che faccio prima :-)

ma tu hai idea di come usare i materiali pbr in SE 0.990? hai avuto modo di provare? io son riuscito solo ad attivare la riflessione sui materiali guardando il file sml dello skylone. ma non ho trovato nulla su come modificare roughness e metallicity...

Mosfet Space-y Mods

Posted: 02 Jul 2019 14:43
by Mosfet
Mosfet wrote:
Updated PDF and EPUB versions of the online SpaceEngine manual in OP.

And updated again.