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COMMUNITY ADDON - Catalog Fixes for SE

26 Dec 2017 19:22

FW Tau is a binary star system with a gas giant orbiting both of them. The gas giant takes 11421.023 years in Space Engine.
The problem is that both stars orbit each other at wildly different orbital periods. One of them has a orbital period of 24.376 years, while the other is 11421.023 years, exactly the same as the gas giant.
Based on the mass of each star (in which both of them have the exact same mass of 0.28 solar masses, which means the total mass of both stars is 0.56 solar masses) and their distance from each other (which is 11 AU), and based on the link below...

http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hb ... istar.html

... I predict that the true value for the orbital period is 48.75228932353551 years. Please note that this is entirely based on the mass, so if the mass turned out to be wrong as well, so is my prediction.
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COMMUNITY ADDON - Catalog Fixes for SE

27 Dec 2017 00:20

Julian wrote:
Source of the post According to Wikipedia, WR 124 is another name for HIP 94289, and it's the Wolf-Rayet star at the center of the M1-67 planetary nebula. However, in SE's default catalog, HIP 94289 is 7631.78 ly closer to Earth than the nebula is. This fix gives the star the same coordinates and distance as the nebula:

You do not need to use RemoveStar, as long as the name of star does not changed. SE merges all object with the same names.

AlexanderVB wrote:
Source of the post FW Tau is a binary star system with a gas giant orbiting both of them.

Ouch, you have discovered a bug! SE computes orbital period itself, if it is not specified in the catalog. But this time it takes the planet b as secondary companion of the star B, thus computes wrong period. The bus is fixed now.

Thanks for fixes!
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COMMUNITY ADDON - Catalog Fixes for SE

28 Jan 2018 08:51

KIC 10001893

The star KIC 10001893 is shown as a giant star, rather than as a sub-dwarf. That's why his planets are inside the star !

Here is a slightly different script. Put it in 'addons\catalogs\stars'.
// Filename: KIC10001893.sc
// JackDole 2018.01.28 17:11:09


Star "KIC 10001893"
    RA      19 09 33.405
    Dec     46 59 04.16
    Class   "sdb"
    AppMagn 16
    MassSol 0.47
    RadSol  0.24
    Teff    26700


(418 Bytes) Downloaded 33 times

(Found by Notumengi at https://www.reddit.com/r/spaceengine/co ... e_planets/)

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