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Rebuilding the Universe?

11 Dec 2020 18:19

So, I was wondering...If I wanted to essentially start over with a mostly blank slate (keep the solar system as is, keep the Milky Way, and that's about it) and add the stars, planets, nebulae, etc. as I go, is this something I can do? Also, if so, once I get it empty, can I simply copy over the files for whatever star/planet/nebula I want? If I export the file for a procedural star, will that give the software the info it needs to recreate it in it's previous position and everything? What are the limits of trying to do this kind of thing?

This all is because I want to be able to do my worldbuilding in Space Engine and get a lot of the basic things from catalog and procedural stars, while also modifying things to my liking.  
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Rebuilding the Universe?

12 Dec 2020 12:55

try this (make sure you back up everything first!): viewtopic.php?f=3&t=603&p=32717

(I guess if you want to keep the solar system as is then don't edit that file as I described)

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