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Tips - How to convert texture pre-0.990 to post-0.990

30 Jul 2019 01:18

Hi. I think someone say is just need to remake the cubemap texture with the cubemap tool texture but here I talk if we haven't the raw file (but I remember, I think cubemap can remake the raw file).

Software require : Irfanview (free)
Screenshots are French, so I try to translate.

First, you need to open the software, after this, click on "File\Convert/Rename on Batch mode" :
Etape 1.png

You arrive to this windows :
Etape 1 - Fenêtre.png

Next, go to the planet textures folder (addons/MyAddons/textures/planets/MyPlanet), select the "Output format" (for me, is PNG), check "Advanced options" and open the "Advanced options" :
Etape 2.png

Check "RESIZE" and put for weight and height 256 and select the units "pixels".

Also in "DIVERS", check "Erase files exists" (if you want to make a backup, made now) and click "OK".

After, check "Include child-folders (for 'Add all' no rappel)", set the "Output folder" "$D" (ie the same folder of the original files) and click on "Add all". You have a similar window like me (but depends of your translation) :
Etape 3.png

Check files selected and you can delete a file with select a file and just click to "Delete".

For final, click on "Start" and when is finish, you have this window :
Etape 4.png

You can close the software and launch Space Engine and enjoy.
Test on SE.jpg
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Tips - How to convert texture pre-0.990 to post-0.990

03 Aug 2021 22:55

i'll try this
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Tips - How to convert texture pre-0.990 to post-0.990

11 Oct 2021 09:42

This method will cause artifacts on tile edges. May be noticeable on high-contrast textures.
The correct method is combining old tiles back to WAR using the glue.exe (you must configure it to regect 1-pixel-wide outside borders which old tiles use), and then convert six RAW cubemap faces to tiles again with 0.990 settings (256*256 and 2-pixel-wide borders inside).

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