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Mir'enía and its system

18 Apr 2019 11:50

Since I was little, I have had the idea of a world somewhere in our galaxy, and I have been painting and writing about it, the planets, the people and even the language, which is still a work in progress. Last year I decided to recreate the system in SpaceEngine and the idea was to make a website of my own explaining the characteristics and lore of the world but, due to health problems and other issues, I still haven't finished it. Nonetheless, since I have seen a lot of recent activity in the Addons section, I thought it would be nice to upload it anyway because, even if I never were to publish the stories, at least you can have a nice system to explore. So finally today I have decided to upload it.
I don't want to post pictures of all the planets so that you can discover them but here's the "main" planet called Mir'enia, which is where the civilization lives:
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The addon weighs 48MiB because of the textures of the main planet (the rest are procedural), so I can't post it as an attachment; You can download it HERE. (Edit: just in case there's someone who has never installed addons, you just have to download the .pak file and place it into the Addons folder)

I hope you like it! :)

PS: There is an aspect of the indigenous culture represented in the system, will anybody discover it? (It has to do with math and moons)
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Mir'enía and its system

18 Apr 2019 15:17

Amazing! I am also doing something very very similar. Im making an atlas and all.
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Mir'enía and its system

22 Apr 2019 07:58

Hey A'kast, I've just downloaded your system and took a short look. The screenshot in your opening post is of Mir'enía? Then I have a problem with it. Looks like Mir'enía for me is lacking atmosphere and water masses.

Besides that I will start exploring your system soon in detail.
btw. which indigenious culture are you speaking of or you mean of this system?

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