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Retro-Visor's Planetary Systems

07 May 2018 18:20

[quote="JackDole"]I have made the first four addons of [ref]tRetro-Visor[/ref] compatible with SE 0.980. (TTA-17, JAMES-X1, CYPHON and Proxima b). I have packed them together in one .pak file.

It's easy. Only the expression '[b]Precession 0[/b]' needs to be removed from the files.


Hello! Thank you very much for making this. Is there any chance you could make the 3 most recent addons in this thread compatible with SE 0.980 as well (Ventra-5, SIKIAN, Fantatus)? I ask because I get a lot of glitches with the patched 980e version.

Also, many, many thanks indeed to Retro-Visor for these exquisite planetary systems!
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Retro-Visor's Planetary Systems

08 May 2018 01:33

Thank you it works now, I'm sorry and I'm a little ashamed because I do not speak English well, I use google translation. (I'm french) 

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