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Rodrigos Terrain & Clouds Mod

09 Aug 2017 17:47

HarbingerDawn wrote:
rodrigo wrote:
Source of the post also included version fixing the volcano lava issue

Just got around to testing it, and I still have this issue.

Anyone else having this issue?
I noticed that shader changes only take effect after deleting the cache folder, so could you try doing this?
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Rodrigos Terrain & Clouds Mod

09 Aug 2017 19:20

I deleted the cache folder again just in case, and I still have the issue.
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Rodrigos Terrain & Clouds Mod

12 Aug 2017 17:55

a little suggestion for volcanoes. ;p
not sure if it's okay to suggest things here for addon makers.
would delete if you want.

some volcano types, disregarding eruption types.

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