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How to Make City Lights (0.980+)

27 Mar 2017 14:12

Oh. In one sentence, I started a debate. I am not creator of this thread but maybe it would be better to continue it in another thread in Feedback and Suggestions ?
Just though I said that, I do not think it's in the list of properties but maybe it's quick to do.
Copy pasted from the volcano shader by renaming CityLights, added
CityLightsBright //instead of CityLightsTemp
In short, only SpaceEngineer will have the answer and
we will wait, unless it is planned to make mods that add functionality :).

Other people tested this method and parameters to suggest/share ?
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How to Make City Lights (0.980+)

15 Apr 2017 10:59

What do you mean replace all volcano tags?
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