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Augmented reality eyepiece

11 Apr 2017 06:33

A new startup is here: an augmented reality telescope eyepiece. Ashton Vigueras, author of the idea, said:

"You'll be able to look through the telescope like normal, then switch on the device and overlay images taken in different wave lengths of light. This will enable viewers to understand in greater detail what they are looking at and also allow them to connect to the fundamentals of astronomy and the cosmos. Imagine being able to access multiple different sky surveys within the eyepiece of the telescope itself, I think I could enhance the experience greatly."

I am personally very excited about this, I always dreaming of a device like this for an amateur telescope. It would provide not only overlay images in a different wavelengths, but also various text info, celestial grid, orbits of jovian moons, etc, as well as ability to make a "virtual zoom" and see craters on Pluto. Of course, precise match with movements of the telescope is needed, but it's easy with "go to" telescopes. The tool could also be used for accurate calibration of the telescope's polar axis, by aligning virtual and real stars seen through the eyepiece.


The crowdfunding on Indiegogo has been launched:

The video for Indiegogo is made using SpaceEngine :)

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Augmented reality eyepiece

11 Apr 2017 23:29

SE, is this something we could use with our own personal telescopes? I have a Nexstar 8 SE GoTo telescope that would love this!  Could this allow us to see objects in 3D?

Right now the closest I can get to this are the various filters I use, I have Astronomik CLS, UHC and O-3 filters as well as various planetary filters.
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Augmented reality eyepiece

12 Apr 2017 08:32

It's quite a cool concept and I look forward to seeing where it goes.
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