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Topic for Music Lovers

01 Apr 2017 08:39

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Topic for Music Lovers

05 Apr 2017 08:02

Right now I don't have too many custom songs in SE but I hope to add more soon. Here's what I do have right now...

I don't know the name of this song but found it in this video on YouTube after some Farming Simulator searches:

The Davinci Code- Chevaliers de Sangreal:

Interstellar- Stay:

Vangelis- Heaven And Hell:

Star Trek First Contact- Main Title:

Armageddon Suite:

The Mighty Rio Grande:
Space Tourist
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Topic for Music Lovers

05 Apr 2017 09:38

Most of the stuff i listen to isn't particularly relaxing. SE's stock music is fantastically spacey though. I also find myself listening to Monty Python's Galaxy Song a concerning amount of the time. :D
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Topic for Music Lovers

05 Apr 2017 18:17

Master Yoda wrote:
Source of the post Vangelis- Heaven And Hell:

Heck yes, Vangelis!

And now something different.

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