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A very PC discussion

08 May 2019 15:54

DoctorOfSpace wrote:
vlad01 wrote:
Source of the post Well they have. Don't let nvidia's flag planting make you think they own the tech

Going to burst your bubble because AMD is NOT competing in that video.

Ray tracing has been possible in screen spaced reflections and everything else shown in the RTX and DXR lineup for over a decade if not longer in various previous forms.

What you are seeing in that video is rendering my old 5870 could do in 1920x1080 at around 30fps.  The big reason ray tracing is a thing now is because of Nvidia and their dedicated hardware, you cannot beat this without dedicated hardware which AMD does not have.  Nvidia is using multiple variations of ray tracing, specifically a form of selective path tracing, path tracing being notoriously noisy yet easier to render, followed by an AI denoising.  

If you don't have the hardware you cannot do SSRTGI or RTAO or any other advanced ray tracing in a playable framerate or higher resolution, it has nothing to do with software and everything to do with dedicated hardware.

No RT or Tensor cores?  No playable framerate.

My 1080 Ti dances circles around my brother's RTX 2070 in standard rasterization, in the released demos using DXR his GPU runs them flawlessly while mine chugs.  You can't program your way out of this one.

I have way more issues with Intel rather than Nvidia (despite Nvidia's draconian NDA).  Intel was basically at a stand still and charging excessive amounts for old technology and doesn't let you use the same board when a new generation of cpu come out.  It's ironic that AMD competes much better against Intel than it does against Nvidia, since Intel is the real Goliath.
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A very PC discussion

18 May 2019 20:12

HUB finally did a review I have been requesting and looks like I bet on the right monitor. :D

Its the only flat VA 32" 144Hz 1440p monitor in Aus I could find and its great, it mostly performs better than the equivalent ones only available in the US. It's also inexpensive at 480-570ish AUD depending on store, good gaming monitors are typically 650-1000AUD

Finally a win for us poor Aussie PC consumers.

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