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Unusual weather

11 May 2017 03:08

This last winter season has just got weirder and weirder here in Oslo.  The skiing season got an early start with a decent (25 - 30 cm) snowfall 4th November, but after that, hardly no new snow fell until the middle of April when most snow below 400 m elevation had melted.  Most of the snow has fallen after that, by far, and today we woke up to 30 - 40 cm fresh snow at 350 m elevation and 50 - 60 cm at 500 m elevation, which I believe is the largest snowfall ever recorded in May in Oslo.  April and May are usually the driest months of the year.

I had switched to summer tyres, so I'm working from home today, but went out for some skiing in a slightly extended lunch, and was busted by one of the major newspapers  :)

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Unusual weather

11 May 2017 14:57

Wow! Even Northern Italy had some snow last week, which is also pretty uncommon this period. They mainly cried out loud after they calculated costs of artificial snow they had to use last winter.
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