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TESS: the space telescope that will find nearby Earth-like planets

Posted: 13 Apr 2018 18:55
by alfa015
As I did not see any post on TESS in the whole forum, I created this one to talk about it.

The launch will be on Monday at 6:32 PM EST time.

I read in the website that 'science operation will begin at the start of June, with the first data reaching the archive at the beginning of December'.

Due to the delay with the launch, I guess that the first data won't be available until January 2019 Image

Anyway I just made a video on TESS, if you guys wanna check it out:

TESS: the space telescope that will find nearby Earth-like planets

Posted: 12 Jul 2018 09:38
by Stellarator
TESS will be an interesting project to follow, and no doubt will yield many amazing discoveries - and for its size it is a technological marvel, but I have my reservations as to whether or not it will make as big an impact on the scientific community as Kepler did or James Webb will. For all its hype - TESS was stated by NASA as more of a gateway project for Webb and future ground-based exoplanet projects. Still, a space telescope that surveys 85% of the observable surrounding stars - SPECIFICALLY at type G,K and M dwarf stars - is pretty dang exciting. Finally a project designed with looking for Goldilocks planets in mind. Might it find an Earth-like world nearby? Probably not - at least, not alone. As stated before, it needs other interlinked projects to help it. What I find neat is that it will have a greater support network then Kepler did and will let scientists not directly related to the survey request targets and conduct studies, a little like Hubble.

I guess we will see what it discovers in 2019-2020+. Its an great time to be alive.