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How galaxies/nebulae actually look.

26 Jan 2018 15:30

It also depends on light pollution.  From a really dark site at high elevation like in the Sierras, Andromeda stretches across more than 7 degrees!  In my 20x80 binoculars it's more than its field of view and you can see dark lanes and globular clusters and etc.  I now have 15x70 and 20x80 binos as well as 70mm and 80mm refractors.
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How galaxies/nebulae actually look.

26 Oct 2018 09:34

Watsisname wrote:

> (I almost said apparent magnitude and flux decrease with distance, but then that

>  would be wrong since the magnitude scale is defined backwards).
You cna blame Hipparcos in the first century BC because the Danjon scale we use nowadays is based on his scale who put the brightest stars visible to the naked eye at mag 1 and the least visible to mag 6.
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