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by senuaafo
17 Mar 2019 20:22
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Locations saved return me to empty space

I have had a similar issue..... Tau Ceti has disappeared on me. It started out having about 9 or 10 planets around it. When I added one of my own in the addons/catalogs/planets folder, all the planets dissappeared and only the one I added shows up. Worse, about half the time (quite at random it seem...
by senuaafo
21 Aug 2018 13:30
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Topic: Troubleshooting and bug reports - SpaceEngine
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Troubleshooting and bug reports - SpaceEngine

Hello Everyone; I've just downloaded and installed Space engine 0980. Yesterday it appeared to run fine. I don't know much about it, am still in the early familiarization phase. Today I started it up and it appeared to run fine for about an hour. Then after doing a search for Proxima Centauri and cl...