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by Ostarisk
04 Dec 2016 01:33
Forum: Mods and Addons
Topic: Ostarisk's workshop
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Ostarisk's workshop

My Mods/Addons Maydon - The habitable rogue planet Only tested with SE 0.980 Download. http://en.spaceengine.org/_fr/35/2810249.jpg Note that the moons are procedural. They may look different with your mods and addons. However, The planet itself isn't procedural. As requested by: 710 Can you ma...
by Ostarisk
09 Nov 2016 20:04
Forum: Space Journeys
Topic: Image Dump
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Image Dump

quarior, I see you used my custom system. :)
Here's a shot:
Using my "Severn system"