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by Kexitt
03 Nov 2016 03:54
Forum: Mods and Addons
Topic: 1K-Worlds
Replies: 73
Views: 24696

Re: 1K-Worlds

Where is the link?
by Kexitt
03 Nov 2016 03:52
Forum: Mods and Addons
Topic: New galaxies
Replies: 118
Views: 54032

Re: New galaxies

Glad to hear it!
by Kexitt
03 Nov 2016 01:40
Forum: Development
Topic: Work progress 0.990
Replies: 1451
Views: 572158

Re: Work progress -

 it means that the universe in SE would be "living". It's not what i thought Space Engine was. Maybe universe in SE will be living in future, and this is the first step! There are two problems with new nebulae models. They are blury inside, and they look strange in galaxies. Nebulas do no...
by Kexitt
02 Nov 2016 23:30
Forum: Space Journeys
Topic: Image Dump
Replies: 2834
Views: 533306

Re: Image Dump

NathanKerbonaut wrote:
Hornblower wrote:
NathanKerbonaut, who were you on the old site?

I was Thomas988. I changed my name because Thomas isn't my real name and my username on another site I often use is Kerbonaut.

Hello there, Kerbonaut.
by Kexitt
02 Nov 2016 12:49
Forum: Feedback and Suggestions
Topic: Suggestions & Feedback about the Website and Forum
Replies: 297
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Re: Suggestions about new website

What do I do wrong? My profile picture must be less then 6Kb, but it looks horrible because of compression.
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