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by Voskhod_02
30 Sep 2018 08:35
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Topic: Sci-Fi (and other genre) Movies & TV Series
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Sci-Fi (and other genre) Movies & TV Series

I really enjoyed 2001 : A Space Odyssey, the first Solaris movie, the Star Wars movies and Interstellar. However, reality is behaving like one hell of a SF universe these days : I recently came accross [url=https://tranio.com/articles/how-the-blockchain-and-distributed-ledgers-will-transform-the-rea...
by Voskhod_02
30 Sep 2018 08:29
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Topic: Titan Balloon Probe
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Titan Balloon Probe

Yeah, balloon probes are a low tech but high yield technology. I mean, it's basic, but it works! I don't know how it would fare on very windy planets (Venus is if I'm not mistaken, Jupiter definitely is), but balloons could gather one hell of a lot of info about planets with calmer climates.
by Voskhod_02
30 Sep 2018 08:26
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Topic: Gameplay concept
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Gameplay concept

I think that it's better for them to keep doing what they're already doing than to just throw all of their brainstorming sessions, projects and concepts away to go in a radically different direction. I know that it's hard when you don't know when the definite game's coming out, but it's better to wa...
by Voskhod_02
30 Sep 2018 08:23
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Topic: The mothership design concept
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The mothership design concept

I'd have gone for a submarine-type design ; well, if the mothership sometimes enters atmospheres, at least. Otherwise, if it's a space-only spaceship, then going for a "saucer" or spherical design could be great ; as already mentioned, due to the sheer size of the mothership (I don't remem...