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by seachangeau
08 Jun 2018 15:58
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Topic: Music Add Ons
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Music Add Ons

yes - i love this track, very spacey. Have you got a specific licence for use outside of SpaceEngine? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsE6dVgCS8c if you go through the content ID system you can monetize any plays of your music as background without hurting creative commons usage within videos. [quot...
by seachangeau
08 Jun 2018 15:38
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Topic: Topic for Music Lovers
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Topic for Music Lovers

hello everyone - i'm new to space engine. What a surprise when i unpacked it and the beautiful music started playing - had the usual 20 windows open and i didn't suspect it :) found spaceengine while googling around to give help to someone on a facebook scifi writers group who wanted map making. I m...