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by meegja
18 Mar 2017 05:28
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Okay, here some of my own shots. Few years back I had a very simple telescope and simple camera. But still I managed (with the use of some freeware :) ) some nice shots.

Hight contrast and colour moon, 4000 pixels. Bit less quality due to compression to post it here.

Animated GIF.
A 5 days sequence I made of a sunspot
sunspot953_final.gif (342.81 KiB) Viewed 714 times

Hello Earth, says Saturn.
by meegja
18 Mar 2017 03:10
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Image Dump

Ok, old time user here :) Have to make some posts to start threads, so here is the first one. Just something I stumbled upon while playing also with fast forward time: a double eclipse. If you want to go: open *\SpaceEngine\config\places-user.cfg and copy this and paste: Place    "Double eclips...