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by AyaReiko
17 Jan 2020 02:26
Forum: Feedback and Suggestions
Topic: General suggestions for SpaceEngine
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General suggestions for SpaceEngine

G Objects

Feels like something that would be rather hard to simulate properly.  Does SE have the ability for object deformation on this scale?  
by AyaReiko
18 Jun 2019 00:17
Forum: Development
Topic: General 0.990 Discussion
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General 0.990 Discussion

[quote="Mouthwash"]I zoomed in on the planet you start by and found that the shore consists of right angles. Not a great first impression. I do love the new terrain (although the "pebbles" terrain looks heavily tessellated from a distance). It's too soon to form an overall impres...
by AyaReiko
05 Dec 2018 23:05
Forum: Development
Topic: Work progress 0.990
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Work progress 0.990

Is it too soon to ask if this might come to the Epic Store Front too?
by AyaReiko
05 Feb 2018 22:58
Forum: Science and Astronomy Discussions
Topic: Exoplanets news thread
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Exoplanets news thread

[quote="SpaceEngineer"][quote="PlutonianEmpire"][post]18441[/post] It seems we have found extra-galactic worlds now.[/quote] [url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PA-99-N2]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PA-99-N2[/url][/quote] Multiply that by a couple thousand. https://www.seeker.com...