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by muitosabao
22 Feb 2017 16:26
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Exoplanets news thread

thank you Vladimir, for all the help. Funny story, using spaceengine we even corrected some of NASA's early press release images, since we noticed that Orion on their images looked different to ours (ESO), from Trappist-1 point of view. I checked trappist-1 position on the catalogue files of SE and ...
by muitosabao
20 Jan 2017 08:55
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Topic: HarbingerDawn's Modding Bazaar
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HarbingerDawn's Modding Bazaar

Hi @ HarbingerDawn Thank you for the nice models and addons. Any chance to see the Hubble Space Telescope ported to 0.9.8? Or at least, would you be kind to give me some hints on I could do it myself? I messed a bit about with the files from 0.9.7 and could not get it to work. Working on a video, an...