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by Unicron
11 Oct 2018 21:49
Forum: Development
Topic: General 0.990 Discussion
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General Discussion

Please I have a question that needs clarification. When the new version of SE is released, will it be able to be downloaded from the SE website or just only on steam? I’m not a gamer and am not on steam. I personally use it in its current form “planetarium”, for exploration in which it suite...
by Unicron
10 Aug 2017 21:26
Forum: Troubleshooting and Solutions
Topic: Troubleshooting and bug reports - SpaceEngine
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Troubleshooting and bug reports - SpaceEngine

The first quadruple star system with the Exoplanet PHI Kepler-64 b is incorrect in version 0.980, but is correct in versions 0.972 and 0.973. The error is that the planet doesn’t lie within the Barry center of this system. In another words, both sets of stars orbit the planet. The planet should orbi...
by Unicron
24 Feb 2017 13:16
Forum: Science and Astronomy Discussions
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Exoplanets news thread

This might not be the right place for this post, but I thought I would post it here because it pertains to this particular thread about this add-on. There’s a bug in the TRAPPIST-1 add-on PAK file created by the SpaceEngineer. The planet TRAPPIST-1 d has an orbital period of about 4.05 hours, not 18...
by Unicron
01 Feb 2017 13:33
Forum: Archive
Topic: DoctorOfSpace's Mod Emporium v0.9.8.0
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DoctorOfSpace's Mod Emporium v0.9.8.0

Hey! Doc. X304 work's just fine, but X303 crashes SE. I thought you might like to know. 
by Unicron
15 Jan 2017 06:22
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: New Members Introduction Thread
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New Members Introduction Thread

I’m Unicron formerly known as Kosh on the old form. Glad to be here! ;)