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by willi55
02 Jun 2020 11:56
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Topic: A very PC discussion
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A very PC discussion

Cool. Recently I started using vpn to protect my privacy and now I have access to the blocked content. So convy! I found info about best services here https://veepn.com/vpn-apps/vpn-for-windows/ . Nowadays it's a must have tool to protect data from online snoopers. 
by willi55
02 Jun 2020 01:48
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Topic: Topic for Music Lovers
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Topic for Music Lovers

by willi55
02 Jun 2020 01:44
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Topic: What other games do you play?
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What other games do you play?

Clash of Clans, CS:GO and LOL
by willi55
05 Sep 2017 23:40
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Topic: Unusual weather
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Unusual weather

that's terrible. I want to visit Barbados next summer. Hope everything will be ok with the island...
by willi55
05 Sep 2017 23:33
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Topic: Video games thread
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Video games thread

I'm not a big fan of gaming, but from time to time I like to play all these zombies and car ricing games at http://www.friv1OOOgames.org/. These games a re great time killer. I don't like to spend money on games and prefer free games which I don't need to install to play. 
by willi55
05 Sep 2017 23:27
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Topic: Dreams (lucid dreaming, precognitive, etc.)
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Dreams (lucid dreaming, precognitive, etc.)

I think that's a great idea to keep a dream diary. Today I had a dream that I was in the forest and lost my way...
interesting what does it mean?
by willi55
05 Sep 2017 08:19
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Topic: General global warming / climate change discussion
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General global warming / climate chage discussion

Global warming is a serious issue nowadays. I think society should pay more attention to this issue, 
we should do all possible to prevent it
by willi55
05 Sep 2017 08:14
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Topic: What's your favourite music in SE?
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What's your favourite music in SE?

I like Ashterra - Worlds Inside the Worlds the most
by willi55
05 Sep 2017 08:12
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Topic: Politics
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hate all of them