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by Hury999
23 Jan 2018 11:15
Forum: Development
Topic: Work progress 0.990
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Work progress =

Does terrain updates will give us forests?(if 3D trees would be peformance killer then at least sprite trees)
by Hury999
29 Dec 2017 14:04
Forum: Space Journeys
Topic: Photoshoped Image Dump
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Photoshoped Image Dump

[url=https://vimeo.com/249119356]My illustration of view from surface from Europa[/url]

I hope you like it! :-)
by Hury999
24 Jul 2017 06:16
Forum: Science and Astronomy Discussions
Topic: Science and Astronomy Questions
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Science and Astronomy Questions

Does gas in space (nebula) creats drag and heat like atmosphere when moving fast trough it?