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by hoposhowgo
26 Jun 2017 13:02
Forum: Gameplay Discussions
Topic: Gameplay concept
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Gameplay concept

Great concepts, yet you are not using SE to its full potential. Humans don't need to be high poly, Triple A models. Heck, they could be Rectangular prisms for all I care. Even though I do not care if you do this or not, A few people would appreciate it. I just think it'll be cool.
by hoposhowgo
26 Jun 2017 12:48
Forum: Gameplay Discussions
Topic: The mothership design concept
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The mothership design concept

That'll be amazing. Also, The colonization of planets would be cool. I wish for the colonization of planets/galaxies. From the games size, it'll be cool if you added head on head PVP for civilizations. A stupid idea? Yeah. But intriguing. And if you do add a mother ship, add the ability to walk arou...
by hoposhowgo
26 Jun 2017 12:26
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Topic: Show your desktop!
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Show your desktop!