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by talley
20 Feb 2021 03:57
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Topic: Talk to me about SE as a community
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Talk to me about SE as a community

Hi A-L-E-X! Oh my god did I catch the con-plague. Completely wiped and sick as anything for over a week now, phew! While it didn't look like anyone was able to get very close to Elon (and no question-time this year either, he shot off stage as soon as the presentation was done), I think everyone wa...
by talley
26 Oct 2020 02:20
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Topic: General suggestions for SpaceEngine
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General suggestions for SpaceEngine

A app for android and iPad Not quite possible. It would require a total rewrite of the entire thing, AND, mobile devices have nowhere near the graphics power of a proper PC. The next best thing would be a 3rd party app or utility that could let you access your computer remotely from your device and...
by talley
26 Oct 2020 02:13
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Topic: What phone do you use
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What phone do you use

I am using Samsung S20 ultra