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by Aveah
03 May 2020 14:45
Forum: Troubleshooting and Solutions
Topic: Troubleshooting and bug reports - SpaceEngine 0.990
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Troubleshooting and bug reports - SpaceEngine 0.990

If you are having trouble with the limited physics, as if like me you are trying to make a ship travel faster than light speed, but the game prevents it from reaching over 1.00c. common > SpaceEngine > config > main-def.cfg You can find the physics toggles under VR Settings. main-def.cfg - Notepad 2...
by Aveah
03 May 2020 14:40
Forum: Feedback and Suggestions
Topic: General suggestions for SpaceEngine
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General suggestions for SpaceEngine

VIA: Search menu. Objects can be filtered by distance, mass, diameter, luminosity, velocity, ect. Individual objects can have their own filters. Stars can be filtered by main-sequence, dwarf, nova remnants, etc. Planets can be filtered by terra, tundra, desert, ocean, gas-giant, etc. Galaxies can be...