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by tavotrio
28 Mar 2020 03:37
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Topic: General suggestions for SpaceEngine
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General suggestions for SpaceEngine

This video is pretty recent so I guess many didn't saw it.
It's about rendering in a fast and flawless way real looking wormholes.

Here is the results:
by tavotrio
26 Mar 2020 09:07
Forum: Troubleshooting and Solutions
Topic: Troubleshooting and bug reports - SpaceEngine
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Troubleshooting and bug reports - SpaceEngine

Hi all, I'm trying to build my own system on SE (I used to have it on Celestia) but I have been with some issues. For example, in the first image is a SE system that looks like what I want. And on the second is that exact export only with the barycentre changed on the .sc file. Why did the surface t...