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by CJYarborough
17 Nov 2020 10:41
Forum: Mods and Addons
Topic: Mods and Addons - Requests, suggestions and ideas
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Mods and Addons - Requests, suggestions and ideas

I would be blown away if someone would create the Viper fighter and the recon Raptor from the Battlestar Galactica series (the newest series); not JUST the ships though but also the cockpit views.  I have a close friend who is a 3-D animator and artist who could probably do this, but he doesn't play...
by CJYarborough
07 Feb 2020 11:16
Forum: Feedback and Suggestions
Topic: General suggestions for SpaceEngine
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General suggestions for SpaceEngine

[color=#ffffff][size=175][font=Motiva Sans,Sans-serif] Automated Velocity In Relation To The Nearest Object [/font][/size][/color] I'm curious to see if there's interest in implementing a feature into Space Engine that could be toggled where the velocity of you (your camera or ship)...
by CJYarborough
07 Feb 2020 09:41
Forum: Space Journeys
Topic: Your SpaceEngine Videos
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Your SpaceEngine Videos

Here's one I just got done a few days ago with some original heavier music I made.


Thanks for watching folks!


C.J. Yarborough