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by Zi7ar21
22 May 2020 11:22
Forum: Development
Topic: Future of space engine
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Future of space engine

Hello I'd like to know what the future plans are for the space engine. Mostly I'm talking about plans to add new content rather than bug fix updates. Personally I would love you to develop the flight simulation and creative skills a bit. I think it has a lot of potential and would give more sense a...
by Zi7ar21
22 May 2020 11:20
Forum: Science and Astronomy Discussions
Topic: Astrophotography
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It would be epic if you had full high res download after for a computer wallpaper
by Zi7ar21
13 Oct 2019 14:41
Forum: Development
Topic: What UI skin do you use?
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What UI skin do you use?

If the poll can be changed for I would vote Flat Space Engine
by Zi7ar21
14 Aug 2019 18:24
Forum: Gameplay Discussions
Topic: Astrobiology in Space Engine
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Astrobiology in Space Engine

Once James-Webb launches, we will be able to better observe exoplanets. Maybe  we will find even more signs of life, and that might make it easier to add more astrobiology to SE if we can get a better understanding. Trees seem cool, maybe as an optional feature / add-on if someone wants to make that...